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Deal Voucher Redemption

If you are experiencing issues with your voucher please see the following information:

Please ensure that you enter in the correct code which you receive from the merchants email. Please do not confuse this with the order number from the merchant. 

The voucher code can only be used once so please do not attempt to use the voucher until you are happy to proceed. If you have used the code more than once please contact us by filling in the form below as we will need to reset the code

Please ensure that you enter in the correct product. For example if you have purchased a code for a 5FT mattress you are only able to redeem a 5FT mattress. In the event that you have selected the incorrect product please contact the deal merchant as we are unable to modify products

We recommend that you copy and paste the voucher code from the email to avoid errors. While redeeming your voucher will work perfectly fine on a mobile device we recommend that you carry this out on a PC

For Wowcher customers please see our help guide which can be located here